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Is it okay to fantasize during the reboot process?

Fantasizing activates sensitized addiction pathways, causes an increase in dopamine, which further increases restlessness. It increases the chances of relapsing and keeps addiction pathways active. Some lab studies show that fantasizing about sex de-motivates individuals to engage in romantic relationships. A lot of guys report that fantasizing during reboot has the opposite of the desired …

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FAQs on reboot

How long does it take to reboot? For some it takes less time while for some it takes more. An average reboot takes 90 days-120 days. Therefore it is recommended to set goal ( say 90 days) and then divide it into smaller goals that will be easier to achieve.  You can divide it like …

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Masturbation

There are many misconceptions about the habit of masturbation. In this Q&A, we cover some of the most common questions and misconception about masturbation. Is masturbation harmful? From a health science viewpoint, masturbation is not at all harmful for your health. Rather it is a personal choice of the individual while some people relate it …

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