Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Masturbation

There are many misconceptions about the habit of masturbation. In this Q&A, we cover some of the most common questions and misconception about masturbation.

Is masturbation harmful?

From a health science viewpoint, masturbation is not at all harmful for your health. Rather it is a personal choice of the individual while some people relate it with morality. It is a normal and healthy sexual behaviour.

Is excessive masturbation harmful to a man’s health? Side effects of masturbation

It is rightly said that self-control is the key. Because an excess of anything can be harmful. Masturbating excessively can cause some serious side-effects:

  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • premature ejaculation
  • may also hinder sexual activities with your partner
  • injury to the penis
  • testicular pain

If you find yourself excessively masturbating, you need to divert the excess energy in a more healthier way, such as:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Usage of mobile apps designed to reducing masturbation/porn might be helpful.
  • NoPo is an app that we recommend for reducing porn/masturbation
  • listening to music.
  • joining dance classes
  • joining aerobics, running, cycling, swimming etc
  • If the tendency persists, you can consult a psychiatrist or a counsellor as it can also be related to mental stress.

Is it healthy for a man to masturbate daily?

The answer to this question is subjective. Masturbating daily can be normal for some men whereas for others it can be undesirable. Skipping regular orgasms adds to stress levels and mental health issues, frustration, irritation and unhappiness. Thus masturbation helps in releasing stress and stabilises your mood and makes you happy and healthier. Though, some sex experts claim that daily masturbation can be considered excessive. It can lead to weakness, fatigue, early ejaculation and may also hamper sexual activities with your real partner. As long as masturbation is not affecting your daily routine or overall energy levels, it should be considered normal.

How many times in a week is masturbation considered normal for a man?

Again, the answer to this question differs from man to man. It is generally based on his general health conditions and sex drive. There are some men who masturbate two to three times a week, or five times a week or once in a week. But, excess of anything is very harmful. Therefore you can divert your energy from masturbation onto some kind of sports activities or other hobbies. This will help you maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Can masturbation replace having sex with a partner?

  • No, masturbation cannot replace sex with your partner. Both the things have their own relevance. In fact, masturbation can increase the experience of having sex with your partner for real because you know your body better. But if you are frequently masturbating and it has started to hinder your sexual life with your partner, then it might be a sign of a problem. Because, you are missing out on the experience of intimacy with your partner while having sex. However, sometimes you can replace masturbation with sex and it can be considered valid in some of those situations which are:
  • If your partner’s sex drive is lower than yours
  • If your partner is pregnant
  • If your partner is not available with you
  • If your partner is sick

Can masturbation cause premature ejaculation?

As it is rightly said, excess of anything is harmful. It is so with excessive masturbation as well, because it can damage the nerves. It can further cause premature ejaculation or even ejaculation during sleep also.

Can masturbation affect your sperm count?

It is a myth that masturbation decreases your sperm count, as sperms are produced regularly in men’s body. It takes time to ejaculate again after one ejaculation. But, that does not indicate that your sperm count is depleting.

When is masturbation not safe for men?

Masturbation is generally considered safe. However, if it is done excessively and fiercely, then it can be harmful. Here are some situations which are not considered safe during masturbation:

  • STI may occur if someone shares sex toys with an infected person.
  • Masturbation in face-down position is not considered safe as it exerts more pressure to the penis. To avoid this, better positions are standing, sitting or lying on back.
  • Squeezing penis while ejaculating can damage the nerves and blood vessels in the penis and will force the semen into the urinary bladder. This should be avoided to prevent the flow of semen.

Can masturbation make you thin?

Technically it can be considered as an exercise you perform. But, masturbation will not make you thin.

Will a man’s testosterone level lower due to masturbation?

No, as per research, masturbation only affects the circulation of testosterone levels. However, self-resistance is the key. Because excessive masturbation will lower the testosterone levels.

How do I know that I am masturbating excessively?

Here are some symptoms that will help in knowing if you are  masturbating excessively:

  • it causes you significant distress.
  • You are practising it multiple times to escape from stress or realities of day to day life.
  • regularly injuring self by rubbing aggressively.
  • hardly spending time with friends or family as you are too busy pleasuring yourself.
  • constantly feeling lustful and fighting the urge to pleasure yourself.
  • experiencing pain in your genitals.

What is the treatment for excessive masturbation?

Someone who is seeking relief from excessive masturbation immediately needs to consult a general physician, who may, in turn, refer you to a psychiatrist or a counsellor. Sessions with a psychiatrist or a counsellor will help you to regulate and divert your energies in a more productive way and gradually detach you from aggressive masturbation. Sometimes, medication may also be suggested depending on your symptoms and general health conditions. You can also use apps that teach youhow to stop fapping.

We aren’t evolutionarily prepared for porn

There was an interesting experiment conducted to study mating behaviour using rats. A male rat was placed in a cage with 4-5 female rats that were in heat. First, the male rat began mating all the female rats until he was exhausted. After some time, the male no longer showed interest in the female rats, even though the female rats kept on nudging him. However, when a new female rat was introduced, he began to mate once again with the new female. This is known as the Coolidge effect – response to novel mates.

There are primitive parts of our brain that respond to images of novel women exactly like the lab rat in the previous example. This is the part of our brain that controls all of our subconscious decision making, emotions and instincts. This part urges us to fertilise digital versions of these women, through the generation of dopamine – the neuro-chemical that makes us seek and search for rewards. It is due to this reason that people get addicted to usage of porn.

This circuitry of our brain makes it so difficult to stay away from porn. One of the best ways to stay away from porn is to use an effective porn blocker.

If you’re trying to quit your masturbation habit, install NoPo Gold- stop fap app today to start your recovery.

Porn is different from sex addiction

Many people have a misconception that porn and sex addiction are the same mental disorder expressed differently. But the difference is huge. From the surface level, they may seem the same but there are fundamental differences between the two to the point where they’re not that similar at all. Differences between Porn and Sex Addiction:

1)One clear difference between porn addiction and sex addiction is that sex addiction requires a partner whereas a porn addict just needs a computer/mobile screen or a magazine with adult content.

2)Porn addiction is like game addiction as it is very far away from the real world. Heavy porn users do not get aroused by real women. Their mind always searches women of the type they see in the porn.

3)Porn addicts do not share good behaviour with members of the opposite sex. For example, if they have a girlfriend, they like to respond sexually to her. Their sense of emotion dies. Sex addicts just want a variety of partners, being hooked on novel people rather than novel videos.

4) Porn addiction can lead to masturbation addiction. Once you become a porn addict it will not be easy to stop masturbating.

It’s no wonder that so many people view pornography addiction and sex addiction as two sides of the same coin, just because they lack a deep understanding of how different addictions can take hold. When we look deeply and in a more detailed way it becomes clear that these two disorders are completely different. A porn addict might have no interest in sex, and a sex addict may never watch porn. Both of the addictions are not good for health. So, it’s better to stop masturbation in order to live a new and healthy life. This app will help some common questions like how to get rid of watching pornography forever

Is it okay to masturbate during a reboot?

It is suggested to completely eliminate masturbation and orgasm during reboot. As many rebooters claim that temporary timeout resets sexual arousal template. Recovery may be easier without masturbation because it reactivates cravings to use porn. Although there is neither something wrong with masturbation when practised in general nor it is harmful to your body. Nor it is comparable with sexual intercourse. But the majority of men who recovered from porn-induced erectile dysfunction chose to reduce masturbation and orgasm. However long periods of abstinence may not yield better results. If you’re trying to quit porn/masturbation click here to install NoPo – quit porn app.

Similarities Between Porn And Addictive Drugs

A recent Cambridge study found similarities in brain activity between pornography addicts and drug abusers. There are many reasons which make porn even more addictive than drugs. Some of them are:

  • Porn gets stored in our brain which can be recalled anytime.
  • No Physical Limitations.
  • Lots of novelty is available in porn that allows users to escalate.
  • A teen’s brain is at its peak of dopamine production and neuroplasticity which makes the teen highly vulnerable to addiction and sexual conditioning.

Brain Mechanisms

One recent study took place in which cocaine addicts and healthy people were shown films of:

1)Individuals who smoked cocaine, 2) nature scenes, and 3) porn. The results were shocking. Cocaine addicts had nearly the same brain activation patterns when viewing porn and viewing videos related to their addiction.

Sexual Arousal and drugs activate the exact same reward circuit nerve cells that make the sexual simulation as addictive as meth, cocaine or any other drugs.

Unlike other non-drug rewards (yummy food or sugar), but similar to drugs of abuse, sexual experience leads to long-lasting changes in the numbers and types of reward centre glutamate receptors which are excitatory transmitters that are released by nerve cells.

Brain Changes

The brain changes occurring during sexual conditioning and addiction are the same. The brain change is called ‘sensitization’ which occurs when the brain wires together the sights, sounds, smells, sensations, emotions, and memories associated which gives pleasure, such as masturbating to porn.


Drug use and Porn consumption follow a very predictable pattern. Like a junkie eventually requires more and more of a drug to feel normal, regular porn consumers end up turning to porn more often or seeking out more extreme versions. And once the porn habit is established, quitting can even lead to withdrawal symptoms which are very similar to drugs. Block porn or install an anti-porn app, you have many options to quit porn and give your life a new start.

Rebooting Explained

Porn addiction or Pornography like any other kinds of addiction might damage relationships and might have a bad impact. It is important to seek advice, support or treatment if you are struggling to quit porn.

Rebooting is the method of recovering from porn addiction, masturbation and sometimes orgasm for a few weeks to months. The idea behind Rebooting is to get your brain back to its original condition. By refraining from problematic sexual habits, we can ‘reboot’ the brain to its default factory settings.

There are different ways in which people choose to reboot, all of them are valid. You can not go back to the past to erase all the activities that caused the addiction but you can heal many of the brain damages through rebooting. However, this process is highly subjective and differs from person to person. Some people face sporadic urge and flatline periods. Some have their worst hankering in the first two weeks. Some have rather severe withdrawal symptoms. Some feel relaxation for a shorter period of time but the rest of the journey is challenging. Some feel terribly worried and uneasy while some feel less anxious overall but also have a stagnant sex drive for weeks. On the other hand, some people don’t find out that their sex drive has recovered until they get intimate with their real partner after several months.

The expeditious way to reboot is to divert your brain from artificial sexual stimulation- porn, porn fantasy, browsing dating apps and erotica. Sensual contact with a real partner can be beneficial as long as you do not fantasize about porn. While some engage in genital intercourse, avoiding getting close to orgasm. Rebooting is the main component of the process of recovery from porn addiction. If you’re trying to quit porn addiction, NoPo is the app you need on your phone. It’s one of the most highly rated quit porn app on Google play store.