Main factors for a successful recovery from a porn addiction

people showing sign of victory

Here are some important factors that will surely help you recover from porn addiction.

Forget the word ‘PORN’

Erase the word ‘porn’ from your brain. This is called Porn is “NOT an Option” mindset. Your urges will disappear instantly. But to obtain this belief you have to question everything you have thought about porn. If you do not do this first, then I think you will have a hard time quitting porn or stopping masturbation. Even focussing on quitting porn will give you trouble because here also you are thinking about porn. Focus your mind on the stuff that matters.

It’s OK to fail

You must keep in mind that failures are the pillars of success. It’s obvious that your goals will not succeed every time and it’s completely ok. Instead of being too overambitious, as I might have been at the beginning, set smaller and realistic goals. Complete daily tasks and read good things.

Physical Health

This is one of the most important factors that you must keep in your mind. Restore your body to natural working order. Most of us are under-slept and over-stressed and eating crap, and then we wonder why we have bad coping habits like porn or binge drinking. Good health means less stress and a peaceful life.

Get around good community

Try to spend more time with your family, or relatives. Have friends that can support and encourage you in dealing with your porn addiction. Finding a good community isn’t a tough job today. With the help of the internet, you can find some good community that will help you get rid of this addiction. Many anti-porn apps like NoPo are very useful and provide you with the best community in the world. Find friends and discuss your problem openly with them.

You need to have a really good reason for doing this. Deprogramming this brain habit isn’t an easy job but if you have strong determination then you can definitely get out of this and start a fresh and peaceful life.

Install a powerful content filtering app / software

No matter how strong our willpower, we all go through times when our will power is weakened due to stress or boredom. It’s during these tough times that we are highly vulnerable to relapse and lose our progress. Having a strong porn blocker app will help in pushing through these tough times. Some people might get triggered on social media apps resulting in them watching porn. Installing an app blocker on your android / iOS device will help with this problem as well.